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You’re invited to my free Reiki Global Community Self Practice sessions.

A friend called it the I LOVE MySELF REIKI global movement, and I completely agree. When do we feel more love for ourselves and others than when we practice self Reiki, especially in community? These sessions encircle the globe with people practicing self care. Have we ever needed that more?

Everyone is welcome to self practice the way you usually do. And if you don’t self practice, no worries! I’ll share how I self practice so you can follow along.

In a world where we’re often preoccupied with caring for others, to the point where we forget to take care of ourselves, this is a unique opportunity for communal self care. We actually help others when we self practice in that your self practice helps you express your best self. And your self practice is something only you can do. I think of it as my profound social responsibility.

My reiki practice is truly supporting me at this time; it calms, soothes and comforts…after my practice I feel more peaceful and can respond to the challenges of each day with greater clarity. My actions feel guided by love, not fear.—Liz McGuigan

online community Reiki self practice


Register below for Tuesdays at 4 PM NYC time.

global community Reiki self practice

If you have trouble registering, please first reboot (and clear your cache if on a computer), and try again. That usually clears any cyber clutter that’s interfering. If you get a “webinar has expired” message, please email me.

Why your self practice matters now more than ever

I Love Myself Reiki, Online Global Self Practice with Pamela Miles ScreenshotYour Reiki self practice is more important now than ever before. The pandemic exposed fissures in our healthcare systems and in our communities.

While the pandemic has passed, health is still a concern. When we’re frightened and isolated, we’re more likely to get caught up in harmful, divisive attitudes and behaviors.

Anxiety and isolation weaken your immune response, so besides taking sensible precautions, and even if you are fully vaccinated and boosted, your self care matters. It helps maintain your immune system at optimal functioning.

Strong community supports strong immunity

Let’s strengthen our sense of community, the experience of being part of a larger group of people, especially those with shared humane values.

As we practice self Reiki together in our free Reiki community sessions, we’re addressing many needs — for community, for safety, for peacefulness, etc. — all at the same time.

Our first free Reiki global practice was on Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the day before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global pandemic. My motivation in starting these practice sessions was to help you experience the transformative power of Reiki self practice and the reassuring power of community. The response was so strong — more than 25,000 people from 95 countries registered in the first 8 months — that I’ve continued leading the sessions twice weekly since then, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Everyone is welcome to practice with us, whether you’re a Reiki beginner or an advanced professional, and regardless your lineage or practice style. We are a diverse global community of people who love our Reiki self practice. You’re also welcome if you have no Reiki training. This is a practice session, not a Reiki class, so you can follow along and experience the exquisite healing your hands-on practice brings.

Self practice really works

Keep Calm Practice ReikiYou’ll notice a rapid and predictable physiologic response when you place your hands for self practice, whether during our free Reiki practice sessions or on your own. That profound self-healing response balances your system and optimizes your immunity. The public generally doesn’t know what doctors understand very well, with lots of scientific support: stress and anxiety weaken immunity. It’s really that simple. And that’s why I started the free Reiki sessions.

You know that when your immune response weakens, you’re more vulnerable to infection. And if you get sick, it’s harder to recover, because your system lacks resilience.

Fighting infection isn’t just a matter of strengthening your immune system. Your goal is effectivebalanced, intelligent immunity. Reiki self practice helps, and our free Reiki sessions make it even easier to practice.

Notice how you feel after self practice. I often ask people to share a few words to describe their state after practicing in our free Reiki sessions. They share words such as relaxed, calm, peaceful, centered, grounded, and my favorite word of all: BALANCED. That’s such an apt word because it takes into account the bio-individuality of each person.

Here are some comments shared after our free Reiki online community self practice sessions:

It was very calming, reassuring. Quieting.—Sheila Sperber Haas

Practice with you is my anchor during these Times. Thank you.—Carol Garlington

I practice self Reiki daily for 13 years. This was different. It felt good to know we were all practicing together. Your calm introduction helped me prepare and I’d never done a follow up afterwards to recognize and enjoy how I felt and let it sink in to stay with me. I felt healthy, calm and connected after our session.—Mary Morasch

I was on today’s session! I absolutely loved it…. it was the most peaceful I’ve felt in days!—Jodi Wasserman

I find the community Reiki practice something I really look forward to. It relaxes me deeply into the yoga nidra state (which I’ve just learned the name for). I’ve done self Reiki consistently for about 30 years but was not taught such a simple, elegant format. And I also gain a lot from the few minutes you talk afterwards. Thank you.—Sherril Twitchell

I practice self Reiki every day. But today, the community self practice helped me feel relaxed, peaceful, centered. Thank you!—Olga Diaz

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you keep guiding your system back to it’s natural, unique balance, it will function at its best and your immunity will be most effective. The free Reiki self practice sessions are a very simple way to maintain a balanced state, especially if you also take some time each day for self practice. Of course, you still want observe common sense measures such as hand-washing and social distancing, and make sure you get good food, good sleep, and that you move your body. Reiki practice supports but doesn’t replace good hygiene or medical care. 

Free Reiki online global self practice for you and everyone

Perhaps you’re new to Reiki self practice or were never taught a protocol. You’re very welcome to join our free Reiki self practice.

To support you, I’ll share how I practice as we go, letting you know when to move your hands and where to place them.

However, if you already have a self practice protocol you prefer, you’re welcome to practice as you usually do.

Thank you for helping me to relax more into my practice and not worry about getting it right.—Sheila Constanti

My goal is to encircle the globe with people self practicing together. Within the first 8 months,  more than 25,000 people from 95 countries registered. Won’t you join us?

People with any amount of training from any Reiki lineage or practice style are welcome. And if you don’t have Reiki training, you’re welcome to follow along in our free self practice class. Many who don’t yet have proper Reiki training have shared that taking time for themselves and placing hands in our free self practice class has been beneficial.

But don’t take my word for it. Why not join us and see how the combination of Reiki self practice and community helps you?

Register for our free Reiki online global self practice now

Our next free Reiki online community self practice sessions are listed below. No need to cancel if you are unable to join us. An hour after each session you registered for, I’ll send you a notice for our next gathering. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time. I’ll update this page regularly so keep coming back, and please please please share it on Facebook and other social media. What we need now is more people staying centered and balanced, don’t you think?

Pamela Miles, Reiki MasterLet’s practice together, healing ourselves and our world

Practicing together in our free Reiki practice sessions, we can make a difference. Together with our practice and one another, we can get through this better than we were, transforming ourselves by finding profound inner strength and deeper love for ourselves, for one another, and for the planet we share.

ONLINE FREE REIKI SELF PRACTICE RECORDING AVAILABLE If you’re unable to practice with us live, here’s a session recording, when we spoke about feeling safe. And here are self practice guidelines in case you don’t already have a self practice. This isn’t a replacement for a Reiki class, but it’s a good first step.

I appreciate your participation and support of these free Reiki community self practice sessions. If you continue attending, and you’re able to offer financial support in any amount, please use this button:

Free Reiki practice classSign up for the Daily Self Reiki Challenge for 30 days of free, short emails to inspire your self practice. Note the challenge emails are not a Reiki practice class.

Alternative, Conventional and Traditional Medicine gives a detailed overview of healthcare options .

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