You know you could be happier and healthier. 

You could feel safer to move with life’s changes, and to choose your direction.GuernseyChairs

I want that for you. Let’s talk.

We’ll start your one-to-one comprehensive spiritual healing session with you telling me what’s on your mind (unless you prefer not to, in which case we’ll proceed in silence).

If you choose to talk, I’ll listen, ask questions, and gently share insight to help you uncover what you’ve inadvertently placed in the way of your happiness, and your sense of agency and empowerment.

I’ll offer practical, doable suggestions how to heal those reactions, get creative with your obstacles, and transform your experience of yourself, and of life.

All that, while offering distant healing to help you start feeling better, more hopeful, more empowered.

While you’re not to blame for whatever is happening or is not happening in your life, you’re part of the picture, and you’re the part you can heal.

Pamela has insight and wisdom that most people just don’t have. Marc Winn

Pamela Miles, Reiki MasterI’ll help you find your way to engage differently — more consciously and creatively — and create greater freedom, perhaps more freedom than you thought possible!

Your session is customized to you, unique and responsive to your needs at the time of your appointment. My extensive collaboration in conventional medicine and knowledge of natural healing means I can also guide you to finding local, hands-on caregivers if that would be helpful.

You’ll prepare for your session by contemplating where in your life you’d like healing. If possible, let’s schedule our call at a time when you can rest undisturbed afterwards; sometimes people sleep deeply or meditate for a while. We’ll speak for up to 30 minutes, as needed, and I encourage you to put aside an hour or longer so you can linger in your mellow and not rush off to the next thing.

You can think of my sessions as common sense spirituality and healing for the rest of us.

These sessions have given spiritual support to people addressing a host of challenges — bereavement, insomnia, anxiety, confusion about an important decision, a serious medical diagnosis, parenting concerns, to name a few — as well as those seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

Everyone benefits from another perspective from time to time. People have been benefiting from mine for more than 40 years.

Let me help. Let’s talk.

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