21 days
I’m so happy you signed up to receive your 21-day Happiness gift!

For the next three weeks, you will receive short daily emails to inspire you to choose your happiness now, and develop your happiness habit.

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I feel love and wisdom through your words and messages of the happiness practice. With much gratitude! —Joan Garro

Pamela, thank you for bringing happiness into my life. One message, one thought at a time, we continue raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. — Tere Bennett

I really loved the daily happiness emails. It sounds funny, but a daily reminder to reflect and choose happiness really made a difference. It is very easy to get caught up in negatives things like a bad commute or argument with a friend etc. But then to see the email in my inbox, I almost didn’t need to open it. I just knew to choose happiness. (I did open all of them). My favorite was “remember your gifts.” I do. Thanks a million! — Jeanne Tedesco

I am having some craziness in my life at the moment, and I have to say, when I read your email, it stopped my thought pattern and redirected me to remember to be happy!!!! — Lynne Novenstein

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving your daily happiness reminders! It was nice getting them on my phone so I could take 30 seconds and rejuvenate when I pull into the parking lot at work. You know, look in the mirror, no food in teeth, quick happiness update…and off to work. I have been more relaxed and in a better frame of mind walking in to work; it reminded me: “don’t worry, be happy.” My manager noticed too. Yay, extra benefit! — Courtney Genise


Pamela MilesThank you so much for signing up for Happiness! May we all be happy together.

Many blessings,