Pamela Miles recently spoke with Stefanie Sacks, author of What The Fork Are You Eating?, to bring you simple steps to eating better.

Are you trying to eat — and feed your family — healthful food? This conversation helps you make sure you are getting the quality you think you are getting when you purchase or eat food.

Do you know, for example, that foods labeled “natural” or “free-roaming” or “grass-fed” might be anything but?

Now a mom, Stefanie’s own childhood was shaped by asthma, allergies, recurring bronchitis, and pneumonia. Discovering that food could help her heal, she became a culinary nutritionist – an expert in preparing food that tastes good and is good. With two young boys of her own, she knows eating healthy has to be easy and tasty or it won’t happen.

You can download our conversation here. Downloads happen in different ways on different computers, depending how you are set up. Give it a few moments, and if the file doesn’t start playing on its own, try double clicking it in your downloads folder or look for it in iTunes.

Purchase What the Fork Are You Eating? and you will have an invaluable resource that takes you from wanting to eat better to actually eating better, including tips to avoid the garbage in our food supply without busting your budget.

Below are some links discussed in the interview, and there are many more in the book:

EWG Dirty Dozen Guide Food Additives

The Swift Diet by Kathie Swift

The Unhealthy Truth by Robin O’Brien

The Natural Effect Video

Integrative Healthcare Symposium

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Natural Gourmet Institute

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