Aromatherapy for Flu and Colds

Aromatherapy for Flu and Colds

Floracopeia founder David Crow was at the top of my list of experts for next week’s (free!) Natural Approaches to Flu: Prevention, Treatment and Recovery webinar.

I’ve benefited from David’s expertise and superior essential oils for many years, ever since I first read his enthralling book, In Search of the Medicine Buddha, and invited him to give a presentation in my living room way back when (the room smelled great long after everyone left).

I know David well enough that I should have anticipated the thoroughness of his response to my request for “a couple of flu tips.” It seemed only right to share his wisdom as a guest blog.

Reiki healingESSENTIAL OILS for FLU and COLDS
by David Crow, L.Ac.

The best long term strategy for prevention of colds and flu is to gradually boost respiratory immunity by diffusing essential oils in the home. People exposed on a regular basis to low doses of the antimicrobial and immune enhancing powers of the oils tend to have less frequent flu and colds and when they do get sick, they tend to recover faster.

Essential oils for prevention of flu and colds

The oils I recommend for general daily use for atmospheric purification of airborne pathogens and immune enhancement are the conifer oils, including spruce, pine and fir, and various species of eucalyptus. These can be diffused throughout the day with excellent health results and a general improvement of air quality in the home.

Diffusing essential oils is effective and safe for the whole family, including children and pets. Used regularly, essential oils will help strengthen overall immunity significantly.

Essential oils for treatment of flu and colds

For the treatment of colds and flu, use the same remedies but at higher doses and more frequently. You can, for example, use direct palm inhalation of the conifer and eucalyptus oils every half hour, placing a few drops on your palms and cupping your hands over the face (be careful not to get the oils near your eyes).

You can also put a few drops in a pot of hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. (If you heat water on the stove, be sure to cut the flame first.) These oils are safe to apply on your skin, so you can put a few drops on your chest just before your shower or bath.

If you’ve taken ill, adding a few drops of tea tree or ravensare will increase the strength of your essential oil treatment. You can do this whether you are using a diffuser, palm inhalation, or steam. Both tea tree and ravensare have strong antimicrobial powers that are excellent for treating the respiratory symptoms of colds and flu.

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  1. Susan says:

    Thankyou David. I share your passion for essential oils & couldn’t imagine life without them. My favourite for winter is a blend of eucalyptus radiata & lemon. 🙂

  2. Rose Mattax says:

    Thanks for the wonderful tips! I have been posting on my fb page reasons why NOT to get a flu shot, but now I have something proactive to share as well.

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