Spiritual Practice: The Trail Starts Here

Spiritual Practice: The Trail Starts Here

Dancers, musicians, athletes, surgeons, and others practice to improve their skills. They practice to do something better, better, best. They compete to excel — compete with themselves, and others.

But why do we practice Reiki, yoga, meditation, tai chi, or any other spiritual practice?

Surely not to compete (although it can take a while to figure that out — more of my clients get injured in yoga class than in any contact sport).

Spiritual connection

We commit to spiritual practice to connect — to connect first with ourselves, and from there, with the world around us.

The inner connection, the enhanced inner alignment, enables us to be present with ourselves just as we are, and with the world as it is, so we can savor our lives, and enjoy the journey.

Consistent spiritual practice yields greater poise and resilience in every area of life, in all scenarios — not just the parts we’re good at, not just the views we like, but also the places where we feel like we’re flying blind.

Feeling safe in the unknown

Spiritual practice puts us in the heart of unknowing on a daily basis. Through consistent practice, we develop an awareness of when to take action, and when to be still.

TRAVELERS ALERT: there is no shortcut. We only reap the joy of the spiritual journey if we take that first step to practice, and then keep practicing, or start again.

Because spiritual practice is not a matter of what you can do; it’s a matter of what you do do.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.


  1. Lynda Lippin says:

    I have had some recent discussions on my blog about how Usui Reiki as a defined daily self practice differs from the slew of energy therapies and other “reikis” out there. The more I practice and the more I discourse with you and other like-minded people the more I realize and understand the emphasis placed on self treatment in traditional Reiki.

  2. Wendy says:

    Exactly. It’s like going home. A place of comfort, of understanding, of acceptance, and of pure growth and opportunities.

    For me it’s like stepping out on the trail for a long run. Infinite possibilities. Incredible support. Beauty as only one allows it to be seen.

    Plus, the joy and struggle that sometimes fill a long run with the peace of knowing one did one’s best at the end.

    Thank you for this post. So wonderfully written.

  3. Getchie Argetsinger says:

    I will echo Wendy: Yes! Thank you for this beautifully written post, Pamela. I am ever grateful for this practice and the comfort and daily surprises it brings.

  4. Louise Woods says:

    Pamela, I love the point you make about there not being any shortcuts! That is so true and I’m sure we’ve all tried to find some at some point! A spiritual practice is just that – a practice. Some days are easier than others. We have to be kind to ourselves on days when the connection is not so easy. And perhaps most importantly enjoy the journey! Blessings, Lou

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