Boundary Patrol

Boundary Patrol

How many times have you put down the phone and wished you’d said, “No?” Or walked away from a conversation feeling resentful, like you’d just given away the store.

It happens so fast, and then it’s really hard to take back.

When someone around you is angry, do you pick up their agitation and carry it with you?

When a friend needs support, do you listen and comfort, or do you feel the need to fix?

Imagine the difference it would make if you could stay steady, if you didn’t get intimidated or sucked into people’s emotional states, if you could graciously hold your own when someone puts the pressure on, provokes a confrontation, or is emotional.

Those Boundary Moments are where the rubber hits the road, where we make choices that support us, or sink us. Our skill with boundaries — or lack of it — affects every part of our lives.

I know you can do better. And it’s really not so hard. At least not once you find the right help.

Can you really learn boundaries?

If you were more skillful with boundaries, you would feel more in control of your time, and your life. How does that sound?

For years, I’ve taught a transformational boundary class, Spiritual Self Protection, here in New York City, including at the NY Open Center (and one winter in San Juan!). Attendees have been astounded by the results. Even I was astounded by the results.

And I was moved by the need.

People around the world asked to be included. “Is there a recording?” they’d say. But the class wasn’t an event we could record. I wanted to help —  I truly did — but how?

I’m a recovering perfectionist, and it took a bit of time to develop an online format I felt good about, one that I knew would really work for you. Not hours of videos you buy and never watch, but an interactive format that accommodates itself to what your days and nights are really like, and brings transformation home to you. I mean literally in your own home, on your own schedule.

And finally, I’ve done it, and it’s road-tested. For the past year, I’ve led online programs that have been life-changing for many. Now I’m using that format to offer a boundaries program.

Your new best friend

In BETTER BOUNDARIES, you’ll learn heart-writing, a simple practice I’ve developed and can’t wait to share.

Heart-writing offers you a gentle yet profound path to knowing and loving yourself more fully, so you naturally develop clear, compassionate boundaries. And the best news is that it’s easy to learn, and easy to practice, even with a busy schedule.

Please join me for this transformative program. BETTER BOUNDARIES starts Friday, January 26.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.

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