A Teacher’s Blessings

A Teacher’s Blessings

I climbed the stairs to the roof last night, hoping the full moon would be visible in the overcast sky. It wasn’t, but its radiance was.

The moon itself could not be seen, but neither could the clouds obscure its fullness.

Inspired by the moon’s persistence, I sat down to drink in its soft radiance, hopeful the clouds would part.

Guru Purnima

In India, the full moon is celebrated each month as the fullest, purest, most complete expression of blessing. The full moon in July — Guru Purnima — celebrates the unique blessings of the teacher.

Since living in India decades ago, each July, I reflect on the fullness of my teachers’ blessings, and feel how they continue to nourish me.

Where would I be — who would I be — without my teachers?

Our teachers’ blessings

Teachers see something in us we don’t yet see. Their vision gives us confidence that with consistent, dedicated effort, we can find our gifts and bring them forth.

We hit rocky patches as we strive to express our gifts, and stumble in the darkness more than once.

Like the full moon, our teachers’ radiance shines in us even when we feel more defined by our clouds.

Thanking our teachers

The teacher’s form passes, but the teacher’s blessings are timeless. They live in our memory, fed by our gratitude.

What action can you practice today to thank your teachers by expressing the values they inspired? That practice, done every day, is a living memorial to the blessings that sustain you, and all of us.

How do your teachers’ blessings continue to support you? Please share in a comment.



Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.


  1. kellie kulton says:

    Thank you Pamela! What a beautiful sentiment. I will honor you by doing a longer than usual self reiki practice today!

  2. Jordan says:

    Your post reads like poetry, Pamela, beautiful and evocative and stirring deep feelings of love and gratitude while in the midst of a stressful time. Thank you so much!

  3. Ellem says:

    Thank you.
    Thanks for the daily reminders last month

    I love reiki
    I wish I could afford level 2
    You a are a teacher I honor you and meditation teachers and nature as teacher

  4. Liz says:

    I can honour my reiki teacher, who is discussing kindness with us in these recent months, by practicing fierce kindness for myself.

  5. Sheila Lewis says:

    Thanks, Pamela. I was on a rooftop last night and saw that moon, but couldn’t get a picture, so yours was perfect. The role of teacher is crucial, as is being a “student” with eyes open and good judgment, so that there is benefit and growth. Thanks for the reminder, and wishing you a full moon’s worth of blessings. Sheila

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