Happy Now

Happy Now

Would you conjure up a smile for me, please? As in, now.

Feel it curl your lips and soften your eyes. Then check in with yourself. What else has softened?

Even the smallest, briefest smile immediately changes your state, easing your physiology toward greater health. All that good stuff happens effortlessly, no matter how grumpy you are when you start.

Smile Practice isn’t so much something you do as something you allow.

Do you feel your smile just waiting to be let out? Even if you’ve locked it away somewhere, you can open the door.

As you continue to practice smiling, you’ll develop the habit of steady happiness, a state you can inhabit no matter what is happening in your life, or your world.

Your happiness, your priority

Why would you wait passively for happiness to happen to you, when you can easily choose to be happy now?

Practice smiling whenever you think of it during the day, and make a point to welcome each day with a smile, smiling before you even open your eyes. Practice smiling again as you close your eyes for sleep.

Start your Smile Practice today and watch your happiness increase. Your Smile Practice will lead to a Happiness Habit, and who knows what else will improve in your life, and in your world!

Our world could use more happy people. Don’t you agree?

Your happiness helpers

Want a little help starting your Happiness Habit? I have two freebies to help you get happy and stay happy.


Sign up here for my 21-day Happiness Practice email series and I’ll send very short reminders to your inbox everyday for the next three weeks, happiness reminders you can read and use immediately to change your state.

The series has helped thousands of people experience the difference choosing to be happy can make. Here’s how Happiness Practice helped two people just last week:

The daily Happiness Practice was a wonderful reminder to start the day remembering the goodness the surrounds us all. Be Happy Now. After all, isn’t that all we have? Now. — Betsy Guagin

The Happiness Practice couldn’t have been scheduled at a better time, as an old wound presented itself for healing. The daily prompts helped me work through a time of great agitation. I feel grounded, settled and realizing every moment of everyday. Thank you for your support and mentoring. You are a teacher’s teacher. — Mary Jo DiBenedetto


It’s easier to stay happy when you have healthy, compassionate boundaries. If you are thinking, “I wish” — wish no longer!

Join me for a free online class in which I’ll share practical, spiritual tips to improve your boundaries. Click here to be notified of the next online class.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.

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