Why You Need to Center, and How You Can

Why You Need to Center, and How You Can

Have you visited your center lately?

Not the outside center where you feel the support of your community — although that’s also a good idea — but your inside center, that state where you feel like your true self, the steady, grounded version of yourself that might now seem like a distant memory.

Center for stamina

You’ve heard a lot about the fight or flight response. There is a third way you can experience the stress response: you can freeze, unable to respond at all.

Winston Churchill advised, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

But how can you soldier on when you feel frozen, your nerves are frayed, you’re not sleeping well, and you see your stamina draining moment by moment?

Backing out of chaos

These times are made for spiritual practice.

When times are tough, it actually becomes easier to experience the gentle transformative power of spiritual practice. Even a brief practice will refresh you and move you towards your center, and brief practice repeated daily can literally transform your life.

All you have to do is actually practice (it’s not enough to just think about practicing).

Spiritual practice creates the habit of transformation, of strategic retreat. You back out of the chaos and into your stillness.

Retreat to your center

I live in New York City in what has lately been referred to as the United States of Anxiety. I practice Reiki and meditation daily, and yoga most days. That’s how I go beyond coping to experience peace and find my creativity.

Even with decades of daily spiritual practice, I can hardly wait to lead the Heart of Practice Reiki Retreat because I know six days of practice in a natural setting will take me even deeper and refresh me more profoundly than my home practice does. And there’s science to support that wellness weeks create lasting benefit. (If you are thinking of joining us, early retreat fees end Saturday, February 4.)

I know coming to Mexico might not be an option for you right now. That’s why I’m leading Blessed Boundaries, a retreat you can do at home, in 20-30 minutes a day, on your schedule, with unlimited online support from me and an international community of people like you reaching for their center.

Maybe you cannot join us for Blessed Boundaries, but surely you can watch the free introduction. You’ll learn five different, simple practices for free, practices you can start using immediately to quickly improve your state. We practice them together and you can continue practicing on your own. Or revisit the recording as many times as you want. And did I mention it’s free?

Center to change

We can’t create the world we envision without a commitment to finding our center every day, and returning to center throughout the day.

These times are made for spiritual practice. If you want to transform your world, the first step is to transform your own state. Please join me.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.

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