Happy New You Now — Here’s How!

Happy New You Now — Here’s How!

Don’t wait for a more special occasion — Happy New You starts anytime you choose. Right now is a good time.

Pause now for a moment of happiness.

How to do that? It’s so simple. Just take a moment and smile. Not at anyone, not for any reason. Just smile to enjoy the feeling a smile brings. Feel your smile move through you. Feel your radiance.

Your happiness habit

Did you ever imagine happiness could be so easy?

Well, there is one small catch. Happy New You is not a choice you make once and done. It’s a choice you make every day, at least once a day. It’s a practice.

You want to be good at being happy, don’t you? Practice is how you get good at something, by practicing, and practicing regularly. Did I mention, every day? As in being happy every day, at least for a moment.

Practice makes happy

When you practice happiness consistently, your practice becomes a habit, a very good habit, one that links you to your happiness. The path to happiness becomes one you know very well.

When your life includes the Happy New You habit, your life is transformed. When you are happy, you make choices that help you stay happy.

And when you practice happiness consistently, other less savory habits naturally weaken.

You don’t need another resolution to break; you need an easy habit to support you. One you can start now and enjoy anytime you want. A happiness habit.

Help for your Happy New You practice

Here are two free supports for your Happy New You practice. Please choose one — or both!

21 Days of Happiness emails help you start your Happy New You whether or not you have any experience with spiritual practice.

A month of daily self-Reiki support is for everyone who has been trained to practice Reiki in any lineage or practice style.

Happiness starts with clear, compassionate boundaries. The boundary you set around your Happy New You practice, for example. Need help with that? Join me for Blessed Boundaries.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.


  1. Donna Bleakkney says:

    Thank you for this Pamela. My husband and I are going to start daily mediation and self-practice today aiming for 21 days together.

    Happy New You to you too

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