Is Intention Enough?

Is Intention Enough?

People often say, it’s the intention that counts.

Yes, intention counts, but no, it’s not enough.

If you intend to practice but don’t actually practice, what have you gained? (Feeling guilty? Not a gain.)

We need to follow through, to put intention into action.

No matter how strong your intention is, one thing is true:

Thinking about practicing (yoga, Reiki, meditation, qigong, etc.) is not practicing.

Only practicing is practicing.

Pamela Miles shares 50 years of experience with holistic health and spiritual practice.


  1. Ken Heikkila says:

    I agree with your premise and have an established daily practice, however there have been a few occasions when I did my practice “in my head” for one reason or another and I felt it to be quite powerful.

    • Pamela Miles says:

      I have had a similar experience,Ken. When an injury prevented me from a physically active yoga practice, I would imagine myself practicing, paying deep attention. The experience was not the same as a mat session, but I could feel my body remembering the sensations of physical movement and felt that there was benefit.

    • Pamela Miles says:

      Kathy, I don’t understand what you mean “practicing without intention does not work.” Once we start practicing — getting to the yoga or meditation mat, placing hands, or whatever action is relevant to the particular spiritual practice — it seems that the time of intention is over, unless you mean that our intention keeps us engaged so that we practice for more than a moment 🙂

  2. Jane Dau says:

    I am so glad ‘you and ‘I found each other. For the past month I have been practising daily Chiro and self Reiki when the house is quiet before my husband wakes. If I don’t do it then, I can hardly wait for another quiet time. Thank you.

  3. sirisha says:

    yes,intention is like a direction to the path, practice is like walking on the path, so we have to walk on the path, with perfect direction.

  4. Maud Maynard says:

    Intention without practice is like buying seeds for a garden and not planting them. Not much of a garden. The energy of positive Intention has benefits, but limitations. And I am assuming that we are all considering Positive Intentions !!

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